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What differentiates Pulse Radiology from other MRI, CT, and Mammography Programs?

Pulse Radiology believes that providing both qualities of structured MRI, CT, and Mammography education and clinical training at top-performing imaging centers is the only way to successfully pass your ARRT credentialing exams and become the best MRI, CT, or Mammography technologist you can be.

Clinical training is vital for any radiologic technologist currently on the postprimary pathway striving to earn an additional ARRT credential or certification. To successfully complete your required clinical training according to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), you must perform and document 125 clinical examinations.

Pulse Radiology created an ever-growing network of over 1,000+ private outpatient centers and hospitals in 30 states to help radiologic technologists achieve this vital step to advance in their radiology careers.