Online MRI & CT Program for Radiologic Technologists

Based in New York, NY and also located in in Saint Augustine, Florida, Pulse Radiology Education LLC is the first online, ARRT approved, post primary MRI Certification Program, Computed Tomography (CT) Training and Mammography  Program.  Pulse Radiology was founded by Neil Huber in November 2015 and launched the first online MRI Program in January 2016. The genesis of Pulse Radiology was built around the idea of providing radiologic technologists the ability to prepare for MRI certification registry exams online – allowing working radiologic technologists to balance work and personal life properly while pursuing advanced, post-primary MRI certification goals.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Our team of dedicated radiology personnel strives to provide the expected outcome of each individual technologist that comes to us for quality education.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive education MRI, CT and Mammography education.

Our Team

Neil HuberFounder & CEO

Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY
M.B.A., Strategic Healthcare Management & Entrepreneurship

St. John’s University, Jamaica, NY
B.S., Radiologic Sciences

Neil founded Pulse Radiology Education to help radiologic technologists advance within the field of radiology through online education.  Neil focuses on providing his students will local clinical training opportunity and has established clinical affiliations offering clinical development at over 1,000 clinical locations across the United States.  Neil oversees the strategic vision and operations at Pulse Radiology. He continues the push to create or find the best educational resources for all technologists.

Prior to founding Pulse Radiology, Neil served as an MRI Technologist as Hospital for Special Surgery and served as Assistant Director, Clinical Operations at RadNet NY and helped manage over 500 technologists across seven modalities.

Neil is also President of Pulse Radiology Institute, the first online radiology university and is currently a managing partner at Alpha RT.

Julie DinoDirector of Admissions

Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, Jacksonville, FL
B.S., Radiologic Sciences with a concentration in Management and Marketing

Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences, Jaacksonville, FL
Certificate, Radiologic Sciences

Julie oversees enrollment and clinical affiliation outreach for Pulse Radiology.  She helps our prospective students create a plan for development and ensures a thorough and quality plan for clinical placement.

Prior to joining Pulse Radiology, Julie worked as a CT Technologist as Baptist Health Jacksonville.  Julie continues to serve the community and covers intermittent shifts at Baptist Health as a CT Technologist in the Emergency Department.

Roberta PhilbrickClinical Coordinator

Roberta schedules clinical training and compiles documents necessary to be placed at clinical locations.

Richie SalavaClinical Coordinator

Rich schedules clinical training for our students and collects all the necessary documents for student placement. He guides students through each step of the on-boarding process to ensure a seamless transfer from the didactic portion of our program into a clinical rotation. In addition to clinical coordinating, Rich also assists the sales team and helps with the growth of our social media platforms.

Ashley GraggClinical Coordinator

Ashley is a crucial part of the clinical coordination team to ensure all students have assistance during clinical assignment.  Ashley also helps with clinical outreach while students are out in clinical training and serves as a major contact for students with any questions pertaining to clinical case submissions and clinical development.

Joseph SeibertAdjunct Professor

Keiser College, Fort Lauderdale, FL
A.S., Radiologic Sciences

Joe conducts weekly faculty hours for all MRI and CT students on Wednesday evenings. Feel free to email Joe directly to join his complimentary Q&A sessions.

Joe currently is the Clinical Manager for MRI, CT and X-ray at Precision Imaging Centers in Jacksonville, FL.

Need to book some private time to go over questions?  Feel free to schedule time with Joe below!

Tara HuberClinical Outreach Coordinator

Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY
M.B.A., Strategic Healthcare Management & Entrepreneurship

St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY
B.S., Business Management with a concentration in Finance

Tara is the main source of communication during clinical training and ensures students are progressing by assisting in directives pertaining to logging all relevant clinical cases and ensuring compliance in accordance to ARRT Clinical Requirements.

Prior to joining Pulse Radiology, Tara served as Manager of Imaging Services at Hospital for Special Surgery, Radiology in New York, NY and continues to assist on a limited basis.

Pulse Radiology History

Pulse Radiology Education, LLC was founded on November 8, 2015, exactly 120 years after Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the first x-ray.  In January 2016, Pulse Radiology Education launched the first ARRT online MRI Program.  This program was initially started to help radiologic technologists in New York, NY earn their MRI certification with the ability to train locally in New York.

In January 2017, Pulse Radiology launched the first online Computed Tomography (CT) training program.  The CT program followed the same model as the online MRI  program, in which radiologic technologists participate in weekly online computed tomography modules to build fundamental knowledge to sit confidently for the computed tomography (CT) ARRT registry examination.  Once radiologic technologists complete the online program, students began their practice onsite clinical training at one of our partnering clinical locations.  After realizing success in New York, Pulse Radiology began a mission for national outreach with the vision to allow any technologist across the United States to learn from a distance and train locally.

In May 2017, Pulse Radiology extended its offerings through online self-paced, video module programs into the ARRT radiology CE credit market through the Pulse CE Academy.  The Pulse CE Academy was launched to help radiologic technologists satisfy ARRT biennium continuing education (CE) and continuing education requirements (CQR) with focused radiology topic modules and post-lecture tests.  Radiologic technologists are required to view the entire video module, take notes and then answer post-lecture test questions to receive radiology CE credits approved by the ASRT (American Society of Radiologic Technologists).

On January 1, 2018, the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) Continuing Qualifications Requirements, or CQR when into effect.  CQR changes the ARRT vision from a “once registered, forever qualified” certification to a “time-limited” recertification model.  This requires all radiologic technologists certified or credentialed after January 1, 2011, to recertify after the 10-year mark.  Pulse Radiology is proud to offer CQR specific radiology CE credits to help satisfy CQR requirements.

In 2019, Pulse Radiology leveraging their clinical network noticed the tremendous demand for mammography technologists and entered into an educational partnership with RadComm, one of the leaders in mammography education.  This partnership allowed another avenue for technologists to advance anywhere in the United States and is currently helping clinical partners fill vital roles in women’s health centers.

In 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pulse Radiology made the decision to invest heavily in online MRI education.  As the world battled economic downturns and ravaging shutdowns, the need for online resources and education was heavily relied upon.  In March 2020, Neil Huber founded an additional entity called Pulse Radiology Institute, the first online radiology university.  In December 2020, Pulse Radiology Institute gained provisional state licensure through the Commission of Independent Education (CIE) in the State of Florida.  Pulse Radiology Institute is now operating and offering an Associates degree granting program in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).