Welcome to Pulse Media!

Pulse Radiology is happy to launch Pulse Media!  As a leading provider of Online MRI, CT, and Mammography Structured Education, Pulse Radiology is always looking for better ways to help certified MRI, CT, or Mammography Technologists and those looking for a career change upgrade in the radiology field.  We provide programs approved to fulfill the ARRT Structured Education requirements with the ability to cross train locally at over 1,000 imaging center in the US.  As we strive to consistently evolve our recognition and reach to passionate technologists, we feel providing relatable content pertaining to radiology would be helpful.  We dive deep to learn about different vantage points within radiology and learn how to scan certain exams in our new web series hosted on YouTube.  If you are commuting to work or crushing it at the gym, put on your earbuds, and learn how to become an MRI, CT, or Mammography Technologist.