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Online MRI Certification Program and Training

An MRI technician is also referred to as an MRI technologist who is an expert in magnetic resonance imaging. MRI is a noninvasive diagnostic tool that physicians use to test specific areas of concern and determine their medical condition. Pulse Radiology offers a comprehensive MRI Certification Program that satisfies an enrolled radiologic technologists structured education requirement to apply for the MRI certification registry exam.

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Are you a radiologic technologist looking for online MRI Training?  Pulse Radiology offers ARRT-approved online MRI structured education and clinical training.

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The 14 Week MRI Certification Program

We offer a 14-week online MRI certificate program that covers all the required MRI Content Specifications as outlined by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Every student enrolled in this program is given adequate online educational resources as well as the necessary clinical training at our affiliate imaging centers across five states, with more locations to open in the future.

The Pulse Radiology 14-Week Online MRI Certification Program is approved by the ARRT for Structured Education. Our learning kit includes 11 downloadable and printable presentation slides, along with 11 self-paced MRI video modules, which also has several video tutorials and weekly post-tests as bonuses.

To help our students during the actual certification examination with the ARRT, we also provide one complimentary mock ARRT MRI registry test, along with 1,000 ARRT MRI registry type questions that they can use as a reviewer. We also give our own online midterm examination that consists of 100 questions that are comparable to the ARRT testing standards. Students will immediately receive the result, explanation, and feedback on this midterm exam.

The clinical training included in the Pulse Radiology MRI Certification Program is offered at over 100 affiliate sites located in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Rochester, and Arizona. We provide a separate downloadable and printable clinical workbook for this purpose. We will also assign a personal clinical coordinator to our students during their training. It is the task of the coordinator to keep you on the right track and help you verify the cases you encountered.

Check out our comprehensive class curriculum, which you can access from our site. We have the entire MRI Syllabus available for preview, and it is enough to get you started. That part of the program is supposed to run for a week, and then the topics involving Patient Care & MRI safety and Fundamentals of MRI Physics will follow to serve as the Week 2 and Week 3 topics, respectively. Each chapter ends with an ARRT standard test to help you assess what you’ve just learned.

What’s more, Pulse Radiology doesn’t stop at providing premium education to the radiologic technologists enlisted in our program. We also offer job placement assistance to students who excel in class and have perfect attendance. Additionally, we have a resume drop-off center that enrollees who completed the program can take advantage of. Drop-off your resume and we will match your skills with the best job available in our database.