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Frequently Asked Questions
How does this program work?

Great question! This program is a joint venture between Pulse Radiology and RadComm. Pulse Radiology is the host for the program and provides clinical training to complete the ARRT Clinical Requirements necessary for Mammography eligibility. RadComm operates the Structured Education portion of the program and hosts the educational e-learning. The program has 15 modules and results in a Certificate of Completion that is to be uploaded to your ARRT Dashboard. Pulse Radiology provides the clinical support through clinical coordination.

How long do I have access to the course?

The course is composed of 15 Weekly Modules. We suggest spending no more than 2 weeks on a lecture.

What if I am traveling out of town during the program?

Well, that is the BEST part! You can take Pulse with you…no seriously can we come? We are accessible WHENEVER, WHEREVER, 24/7 via computer, tablet or smart phone. We actually had one student take a test in the middle of Milan…

Is clinical training REALLY included in the price?

Yes! We have established clinical relationships with various imaging centers in the United States. As a Pulse student, clinical training in scheduled and coordinated with our affiliate centers.