Thank you for your interest in Pulse Radiology!

At Pulse Radiology, we strive to set the gold standard in online MRI certification and computed tomography (CT) training for radiologic technologists through online ARRT approved structured education programs and convenient clinical training. We believe this is a vital tool for career advancement and development.  We pride ourselves on providing one-on-one mentoring throughout and after the program. Start your path to career advancement as an MRI Technologist, MRI Technician or CT Technologist by submitting an application below. These applications are important to help gather the necessary information to create the most convenient and customizable learning experience for you.


To be eligible for enrollment at Pulse Radiology, you must be an imaging professional in one of the following:

  • Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)
  • Sonographers (ARDMS)
  • Radiation Therapists (ARRT)
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists (NMTCB)

Process for Enrollment into Pulse Radiology


Step 1:  Apply to Pulse Radiology by submitting the required information.

Step 2:  Verification process performed by Pulse Radiology to ensure ARRT, ARDMS or NMTCB status.

Step 3:  Application follow-up via e-mail or phone by Pulse Radiology representative.


Pulse Radiology is proud to offer online structured education nationwide to all ARRT radiologic technologists in the United States.  We are happy to help move radiology education forward with our clinical education affiliates to help every radiologic technologist achieve post-primary educational goals.  We currently offer clinical training in New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Maryland and Rochester with more clinical partnerships expected for 2018.

Our team of expert radiologic technologists is headed by Founder, Neil Huber, MBA, RT(R)(MR).  Neil has 10-plus years of radiology experience with specialization in MRI Orthopedic Imaging.  In 2015, Neil decided to bring his vision of career advancement in radiology through online solutions to the public by launching the first ARRT approved, online MRI program.  Neil recognized that there was a tremendous increase in MRI and CAT scan ordered by referring clinicians but “nobody to steer the ship”.

The Pulse Radiology model focuses on recruiting engaged, driven and passionate radiologic technologists and developing them into the future specialized MRI and CT workforce.  Do you have a desire to pursue MRI certification or CT certification?  Come join fellow radiologic technologists and be part of the future of radiology!