Job Opportunities that Come with MRI Programs

Before beginning specialized training and education, it’s good to know what awaits you when you’re done. It takes time and years to become an MRI technologist or technician. You’ll have to take classes, MRI programs, tests, and become certified before you can start looking for jobs. Since MRI programs and studying take time, and [...]

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Career Prospects Unlocked with MRI Programs

One of the main things people consider before they decide on a career path is that career’s prospects. A person might be incredibly interested in a particular field or job, but opt for something else on realizing that its prospects aren’t too great. The same applies to MRI techs. Before searching for MRI [...]

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COVID-19 Has Universities Flocking to Online Education

With current events focused solely on the COVID-19 pandemic, universities and students around the world after flocking to online education.  The precaution to help limit the spread of the virus has forced universities to move traditional, brick-and-mortar classroom lectures to online platforms with the hopes of continuing scheduled course syllabi and limiting complete [...]

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4 Best Study Tips for your MRI Registry Review

It’s not easy being an MRI technologist. Before you can become an MRI technologist, you will have to pass the MRI registry exam by ARRT, which is the standardized test for all MRI technologists in the US. To prepare yourself for this tough examination, check out these cool study tips that you can [...]

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The MRI Online Programs that Make You an MRI Technologist

While MRI technologists are in demand right now, a lot of people outside the medical field aren’t sure what the responsibilities of an MRI technologist are. If you’re on your path to becoming an MRI technician, you probably already have an idea about what the job is all about through the MRI online [...]

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MRI Online Programs Make You an MRI Technician

The path to becoming an MRI technician isn’t an easy one. You have to get a degree, accumulate experience, and take MRI online programs, just to name a few. While it will take you fewer years to become an MRI technician than it would to become a doctor, it’s not a simple path by [...]

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The Importance of MRI Online Programs for an MRI Technologist

Once a person gets a job, it can be easy for them to settle for what they have and stop learning. While this is possible in a lot of fields, medicine isn’t one of them because there are new updates and inventions almost every day. MRI online programs can provide an excellent source of [...]

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Pulse Radiology’s MRI Programs: Your Best Shot at Getting Certified

Radiologic technologists are well-paid members of the healthcare industry. If you’re looking for a convenient way to study for your certification exam, then Pulse Radiology’s online MRI programs are just the thing you need. Through a compact and dense 14-week study plan, you’ll be learning everything that you need to pass your certification with [...]

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