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The Pulse CE Academy is an online radiology CE credit resource facilitated by Pulse Radiology. Unlike an MRI technician school, it is an interactive and affordable Online CE-Library that is built specifically for radiologic technologists or less qualified MRI technicians who intend to fulfill ARRT biennium requirements. Pulse Radiology features short certificate courses that give every enrolled x-ray tech added credits that they could use as Continuing Qualification Requirements to satisfy biennium requirements.

Our list of featured ARST-approved courses provides students with at least 1.5 Category A CE Credits. We offer a variety of courses covering different topics to help radiologic technologists keep up with their continuing education requirements, as specified by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and other regulatory bodies.

Some of the featured certificate courses we offer at the Pulse CE Academy are “A Quick, Step-by-step Approach to Understanding Ankle Anatomy and Ligaments,” “Fundamental Method to Understanding Pulse Sequence Timing Mechanisms,” and “Patient Management, Screening & Safety.” Soon, we will also offer courses such as “Understanding the Fundamentals MR Diffusion & Innovative Research Tool DTI” and “Fundamental Analysis on Low Dose CT Reconstruction.” All of these courses are taught by qualified and seasoned radiology experts. More courses will be offered soon.

All the regulating bodies for Radiologic Technologists require students to meet their CE requirements to maintain their certification and registration. This is important because it is a must for these professionals to serve patients to the best of their abilities. Sufficient knowledge and updated skills are very necessary for the kind of service that they provide.

Continuing Education After MRI Technician School

Continuing education is a requirement for every MRI technician, CT technologist and X-ray tech. They need continuing education to expedite the bi-annual renewal of their credentials. Continuing education requirements can be met through our approved radiology CE resource, the Pulse CE Academy instead of an MRI Technician School.

Aside from CE requirements, Radiologic Technologist’s certified or credentialed after 1/1/2018 also require Continuing Qualifications Requirements or CQR. Unlike CE that is required every two years, this requirement has to be updated every 10 years. For this purpose, Pulse Radiology is also offering programs for any MRI technician or CT technologist that wants to improve his skills and qualifications to ultimately increase and maintain their radiology technician salary.

For your Continuing Qualifications Requirements, Pulse Radiology currently offers three (3) programs, which are the 14-Week Online MRI Program, the 14-Week Online CT Program and the 14-Week Mammography Program. These three programs are approved by the ARRT and gives the enrolled radiology technician 25.5 and 29 Category A CE Credits, respectively.

All of the courses and programs that we offer are available online, which means students can access their lessons and examinations at their own pace and time. Our training system works best with professionals who are currently employed and have no intentions of jeopardizing their careers in the quest for a higher radiology tech salary.

Check out our website regularly to find out more about the courses offered at the Pulse CE Academy, as well as our specialized CQR programs. We intend to be the best MRI Technician School not just in the locations that we currently located but eventually, in the entire US.