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Pulse Radiology offers an online Computed Tomography or CT Training Program that spans 14 weeks. The program covers the entire CT Content Specifications as outlined by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. The program also includes clinical training for every student, which will be coursed through our partner locations in different states. Completing the program gives the enrolled radiologic technologist 29 Category A ASRT credits.

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The Pulse Radiology program is based on the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) didactic and clinical competencies for superior CT registry preparation.

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The (CT Scan) Computed Tomography Training Program

Computed Tomography is more popularly known as the CT or its predecessor, the CAT scan. It is a diagnostic exam that doctors use to observe the occurrences happening inside the human body. A CT scan employs multiple x-rays to create a cross-sectional or 3D image of the body part or organ that is being examined. CT scanning is more advanced than the standard x-ray and ultrasound. It is commonly used to detect brain injuries, blood clots, internal bleeding, hidden tumors, bone malformations, blood vessel blockages, and tissue damage. It is also used to diagnose diseases like hydrocephalus and stroke.

A radiologic technologist who wants to meet his or her continuing qualification requirements is encouraged to enroll in the Pulse Radiology Online 14-Week CT Program that is approved by the ARRT for Structured Education. Our program includes 11 downloadable and printable presentation slides and 11 self-paced CT video modules that also come with complete video tutorials and weekly post-tests. We also added over 1,000 ARRT CT registry-type questions to help students in reviewing for their actual CT certification exam.

To further facilitate learning, we also give students a 100-question midterm examination that they can take online. This exam is comparable to the ARRT testing standards. And as a complementary offer, we’re also giving a mock ARRT CT Registry test. Explanations and feedback are immediately available to the student after submitting these exams.

Unlike similar online CT certification programs, Pulse Radiology includes clinical training in the course package. The actual training will be performed at our affiliate locations, and students can choose where they would like to train. To enhance their learning during clinical training, we furnish our students with a downloadable and printable clinical workbook and assign them their own personal clinical coordinator. The coordinator will be there to keep them on the right track and help them with their cases.

Aside from all these, Pulse Radiology also provides job placement to qualified students. Students who excel in class and have perfect attendance are sure to get a job recommendation from our accredited facilities. We also have a resume drop-off center for students who don’t qualify for job placement but are willing to explore possibilities with us.

To check out the class curriculum, we have the online CT Program syllabus available for preview to every interested radiologic technologist. Pulse Radiology offers 24/7, on-call support to students enrolled in the program in the event they need support. We also have a referral program for them if they invite their colleagues to enroll in the Pulse Radiology Computed Tomography training program. The Pulse Radiology Online 14-Week CT Program may be paid in full or through installments.