MRI Technologist Salary

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Acquiring credits for continuing education and meeting continuing qualification requirements is the best way to maintain your MRI technologist salary and increase your overall knowledge about your specialty. Pulse Radiology offers courses and programs to facilitate this. We provide every radiologic technologist the option to advance their learning, improve their skills, and increase their salary range.

Radiology or MRI Tech Salary

Currently, the average salary of an MRI technologist is at $73,142 in the United States. That’s higher than an ultrasound tech salary which median is at $69,650. The x-ray tech salary, on the other hand, averages $53,114.  It is quite clear that a qualified MRI technologist salary is far more superior. MRI certification is indeed the surest way to increase a regular x-ray technician’s salary.

To become a certified MRI Technologist, one must be registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.  To achieve these credentials with this regulatory body, enrollment in an ARRT approved post-primary structured education in MRI is required. Pulse Radiology offers such a program and it is accessible online. Our 14-Week Online MRI Certification Program is ideal for working radiologic technologists who want to advance their advanced learning but still want to continue on with their present jobs. This program comes in a complete package, such as 11 downloadable and printable presentation slides, 11 self-paced MRI video modules, video tutorials, weekly post-tests, 1,000 review questions, midterm examination, and a mock ARRT registry test.

We also offer another program called the 14-Week Online CT Certification Program which is ideal for the radiologic technologist who wants to be an expert in CT or computed tomography. This program comes in the same education package as listed above.

But aside from enrolling in an ARRT approved MRI technician school, another requirement for MRI certification is successfully completing the clinical training requirements. Pulse Radiology is one of the few educational centers that include clinical training in most of our programs. We are affiliated with over a hundred imaging centers across different states. This helps our students in meeting their clinical training requirements and be well on their way to becoming a full pledged MRI technologist. Our online courses and our wide network of affiliates are your key to advancing your career in radiology and improving into a MRI technologist salary.

Pulse Radiology is dedicated to providing the most innovative method in delivering education and training to every radiologic technologist. Our system allows our students to learn at their own pace through our fully functional web-based portal.  We give our students access to affiliated imaging centers and hospital networks in over 30 states nationally.

Getting a better MRI technologist salary means a better life for you and your family. Investing in education has always been the best strategy for professionals who would like to grow and be presented with better opportunities. Pulse Radiology ensures that you’ll get the proper education and training to achieve all of these goals. Check out our programs, radiology CE courses and enroll in one or all of them for your benefit. We also have a student exchange program in place, which is ideal for radiologic technologists who want to train and practice in the heart of New York City and in Jacksonville, Florida.