Mammography Training at Pulse Radiology

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Mammography is an important radiology speciality focused on screening, detecting and preventing breast cancer. This procedure will help detect abnormal breast health and potential tumors at their early stages and can improve your chances of early detection against the disease.

With such a high demand for certified mammographers across the United States, mammography training at Pulse Radiology is perhaps one of your best bets to gaining not only an additional certification but attaining a job at a competitive rate. This program offers an in-depth review of diagnostic mammography, screenings, and mammography 3D. It satisfies MQSA requirements to become a mammography technologist providing you with the best tools for the tasks.

What is mammography and why people need it?

Mammography is a breast imaging procedure that uses radiologic techniques to detect any potential breast tumor and abnormal breast health. If a tumor is detected at the early stages of the disease, it is much easier to be treated by doctors. For this reason, mammography is often recommended for women ages 40 or above when their risk of getting breast cancer has increased.

Mammography uses low-dose X-rays to detect breast tumors. There are two main types of mammography: screening mammography and diagnostic mammography.

Screening mammography aims at detecting any possible tumor in an asymptomatic woman. For this reason, screening mammography is generally not as rigorous as diagnostic mammography.  Screening mammography can be completed at your local hospital or private imaging network.

Diagnostic mammography is done when screening mammography has detected abnormalities in the patient’s breasts. This kind of mammography will help to determine the type and characteristics of the suspected tissue, ultimately arriving at a diagnosis. Diagnostic mammography is completed by mammographers, and the images are read by radiologists certified in reading mammography.

Mammography training at Pulse Radiology: A great training program

Mammography training at Pulse Radiology offers a comprehensive online course about mammography that satisfies ARRT Structured Education and provides onsite training for technologists. The course will teach you the basic fundamentals of mammography to establish a good foundation. It will provide instructions on how to operate the equipment, as well as how to properly assess image quality.

Are you currently thinking about entering mammography but are unable to attend class?  Pulse Radiology can help. With the mammography training program at Pulse radiology, you can participate in clinical training in more than 300 facilities in many states across the country, helping you to learn hands-on knowledge no matter where you live. After you have finished the program, by successfully completing ARRT Structured Education and ARRT Clinical Requirements, you will be eligible to sit for the ARRT Mammography Registry Exam.

Mammography training at Pulse Radiology will be a great choice for any prospective radiologic technologist who is looking for a good training program. If you have questions during or before your lessons, don’t hesitate to contact our team. They will certainly be glad to help.