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If you are searching for CE credits for ARRT Hilton Head Island South Carolina we welcome you. Just about every week many radiology professionals stop by Pulse Radiology not only for ARRT CE credits but to advance their careers. Some of the top searches at PulseRadiology.Com include MRI courses and MRI CEU for one reason. Over the last five years we have helped hundreds MRI & CT professionals advance or break into what is probably one of highest demand careers in the healthcare industry.

Knowing the ARRT Continuing Education Requirements

The ARRT Continuing Education Requirements are set by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to ensure specialists within this field are always apprising their education and understand the best practices in the field.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists requires that Registered Technologists earn a minimum of 24 CE credits every two years. Those who have R.R.A status need to earn at the very least 50 credits throughout the same two year period. As much as 25 of those credits can be earned through deeds that happen to be suitable for the radiologist or physician.

Specializations and Training

Should you be certified in Sonograhy you then must complete at least 16 sonography-specific CE credits as a part of your total 24 CE credits. Keep in mind that at the time of January 2018, earning one more registration or certification is not going to automatically grant 24 CE credits. You can, however, apply for CE credits for that structured education which had been completed in order to earn those certifications.

What counts as CE?

The rules for which counts as CE are very strict, thus it pays to check whether or not the course you are looking for will qualify. Some advanced CPR courses, for instance, do count, while CE geared towards nurses is not going to always count even though it is approved by the AMA. If you‘re new to radiology probably one of highest demand careers in the healthcare industry we ask you that you stop by our blog, where you will find articles on popular topics like MRI online review and CT scan programs. Nevertheless if you have any questions call us.

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How to Be Eligible to Join an MRI Tech School

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To be a certified magnetic resonance imaging technician, you need to complete an MRI course or program to get the education credits and clinical training that you need to qualify for the certification exam. The MRI programs and courses offered by an MRI tech school may differ greatly so as to match the eligibility of the students that they’re accepting.

To know if you qualify for the program offered by an MRI tech school, check the eligibility, course requisites, and other requirements necessary to be accepted into the program. There are longer MRI courses that are designed for high school graduates and there are shorter ones that are made for certified radiology professionals.

How to Be Accepted in an MRI Tech School

Generally, an MRI tech school requires students to submit their official transcript of records from the high school, college, and university that they attended. However, those are registered with ARRT may not have to submit these documents, only their certification, licensure, and registry details. A majority of the MRI tech programs offered these days are designed for ARRT certified radiologists.

Once you have submitted all the requirements, the school will choose which students to accept from their pool of applications. The fastest and easiest way to get MRI training is by joining an online MRI tech school that offers ARRT accredited structured education and clinical training that will gain you a seat on the MRI certification exam.

What to Learn in an MRI Tech School

The common coursework for MRI technologists include imaging fundamentals and MRI physics. They also have units in pathology, anatomy, and patient care. Students are also given modules on medical procedures, ethics, and health care laws. Proficiency in all of these areas is required as they are the key skills necessary to perform well in the job. Continuing education is also necessary for ARRT certification renewal.

Education is a highly dynamic process and learning should be one’s life-long goal and achievement. Finishing an MRI course and completing clinical training will give you a chance to take the MRI certification exam but learning shouldn’t stop at getting a license. Every day, MRI technologists encounter something new in the scans that will help them get better in their profession.

Why You Should Become an MRI Technician

A career in the health care industry is quite promising now and in the next few years. An MRI tech salary is nearing $40 per hour and that is expected to increase even more. The job of a health care professional, especially that of an MRI technician, is challenging and fulfilling. Being a part of the health care industry means you can help patients get better and live normally.

Individuals who are interested in working for hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, and research laboratories are best fit for this job. But more importantly, they should be highly committed to providing superior patient care and willing to improve their professional and personal skills along the way. Start your new career by choosing the MRI tech school that’s right for you.

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