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An radiologic technologist is required to complete clinical training to become eligible to sit for the MRI or CT Registry. Clinical training is the practical part of any Pulse Radiology program which provides every radiologic technologist the ability to gain experience necessary to learn MRI or CT skills necessary to complete ARRT clinical requirements. Pulse Radiology offers MRI and CT Clinical Training to any qualified Radiologic Technologist.

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The Pulse Radiology CT Certification Program covers the entire CT Content Specifications outlined by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

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Why is MRI and CT Clinical Training Important for Radiologic Technologists?

By enrolling in the Pulse Radiology Online MRI Program or the Online CT Program, students get access to top-performing clinical training centers. Through our programs, a radiologic technologist can learn the practical skills to become certified in MRI or CT. As a qualified radiology technologist, you will have the ability to train with the best MRI and CT technologists at ACR-accredited imaging centers across the United States.

Pulse Radiology’s clinical training program is included in our 14- Week Online MRI Program and the 14- Week Online CT Program. Our clinical training is currently offered in five states across the US, namely Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Rochester, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Ilinois, Kansas and Florida. We are affiliated with over 200 centers across these five states, this creates the ultimate convenience for radiologic technologists looking to advance into MRI or CT.

We have more than 10 partner clinical networks in Arizona, Maryland, Rochester, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, & Massachusetts. Check our website to know the actual locations of our affiliated clinics and find the one that’s near you. We also offer an exchange student program for those who would like to train and possibly practice in the Big Apple. We have plans of expanding to even more states and add hundred more locations in the days to come.

The clinical training program that is included in our 14-week online MRI and CT programs is comprehensive. We give our students access to a downloadable and printable clinical workbook that they can use as their manual, take down notes, and guide them through the entire training process. A personal clinical coordinator will also be assigned to them, whose task is to keep them on track and help them verify their cases.

We always ensure that our students are well-trained when they enroll to any of our program. It is also our goal to make them more patient-centered. With the help of the clinical experts that are supervising them, they also learn the best practices in the field of radiology.

Our program employs several instructional methods to equip students with the skills that are essential and relevant to their chosen career in radiologic technology. We are here to provide qualified professionals with immersive learning and hands-on experience. We can assure our students that the clinical exposure that they’re getting will boost their career and eventually, increase their radiology technician salary.

For questions and inquiries about our Radiologic Technologist Clinical Training, check out our site or contact us. Professionals who enlist our programs are given 24/7 support to help them with their studies and training.