How to Be Eligible to Join an MRI Tech School

To be a certified magnetic resonance imaging technician, you need to complete an MRI course or program to get the education credits and clinical training that you need to qualify for the certification exam. The MRI programs and courses offered by an MRI tech school may differ greatly so as to match the [...]

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Advantages of Learning at an Online MRI Tech School

To become a good Magnetic Resonance Imaging technologist, you need to get education and training from an exemplary MRI tech school. Do note though, that the MRI courses offered by these schools are not necessarily the same and the type of students they accept may vary greatly as well. The shortest MRI tech [...]

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ARRT Online MRI Tech School is Changing…for the Better

The current MRI tech salary is around $40 per hour, but that can range much higher in certain states. If you enjoy working with people and patients, then you might also enjoy going to an MRI tech school to become an MRI Technologist. Those who already hold a state radiologic license and ARRT [...]

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How to Choose an MRI Tech School

An MRI technician is an expert in using the Magnetic Resonance Imaging device that is used to diagnose the different internal diseases a person may have. Such professionals have completed a course in an MRI tech school and have undergone adequate clinical practice. Their role in patient care and illness diagnosis is very [...]

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Why Should You Enroll In an MRI Tech School?

Only selected health practitioners can enroll in an MRI tech school. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and MRI technologists are health professionals who are well-trained in preparing and positioning patients for an MRI procedure. Their job is to gather diagnostic images of the organs inside the patient’s body using the MRI scanner. [...]

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What to Learn in an MRI Tech School

If you’re planning to enroll in an MRI tech school, then it means that you want to become an MRI technician. In this specialized school, you’ll get the necessary MRI technologist training that will teach you the science and art of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one of the breakthrough technologies [...]

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