Why Do I Need to Take an MRI Registry Review?

It is common knowledge that the majority of jobs have specific requirements or prerequisites before one can be hired for that particular profession. An MRI technologist is no exception and becoming licensed involves passing a test. As such, an MRI registry review might be prudent before the exam. If you have reached a [...]

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Important MRI Online Programs for MRI Technicians

Aspiring MRI technicians should focus on all the courses included in our MRI online programs to help them become certified and a lot better at their jobs. Perhaps an MRI technologist doesn’t need to take as many classes or study certain courses in depth as much as other people in healthcare do, but a [...]

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What your MRI Training Will Include

MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a modern medical procedure that doctors will request if they suspect something is wrong inside your body. Using magnetic fields or radio waves to map what’s inside your body, MRI is especially useful to diagnose certain latent medical conditions. An MRI session will be done by an [...]

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The Value of MRI Programs for MRI Technologists

In order to become an MRI technologist, it’s essential to take MRI programs first. Why? Well, that’s the way to become eligible for the ARRT MRI certification test. After passing this test, you will be able to apply for jobs and work as an MRI tech. So what exactly does an MRI tech do? [...]

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Why Take MRI Programs to Become an MRI Technologist

MRI programs are increasing in popularity as becoming an MRI technician is now a promising career. A decade or so ago, we didn’t have MRI machines. What the doctors use instead are CT scan devices that are basically very powerful x-rays. Now, with the availability of MRIs increasing, there are more job opportunities for [...]

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14-Week MRI Online Certification Programs with Clinical Practice and 24/7 Support

If you’re looking to give your career a big boost but you are struggling to find the time to improve, then you’re at the right place. We’re Pulse Radiology, a provider of structured MRI technologist education. Our 14-week MRI certification programs allow you to study at your own pace in your preferred environment. We [...]

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Why It’s Important to Go with the Best MRI Certification Programs

Online educational programs are great because you can keep working while taking important steps towards improving your professional life. Here at Pulse Radiology, we understand better than anyone what it means to invest in your knowledge and skills. That’s why we’ve compiled well-structured, convenient MRI certification programs that allow you to study at an [...]

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Why We Offer the Best MRI Certification Programs

Being a certified MRI technologist can bring you a lot of advantages over your current job. From a better salary to more benefits and stability, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider taking our MRI certification programs. Our programs are well-structured and comprehensive so that you can learn from our courses by yourself [...]

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What Do You Need to Qualify for MRI Tech Programs?

Aspiring MRI technologists should hold an underlying radiography certificate and a bachelor’s degree or associate's degree from an accredited school in radiologic technology or MRI to practice in the field. Those interested in advancing into MRI should look to enroll in post primary MRI tech programs to obtain ARRT structured education and practical clinical [...]

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How Online MRI Tech Programs Are Helping Working RT’s Achieve (MR)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is a non-invasive imaging modality that provides optimal imaging of the body helping clinicians diagnosis patients. The imaging professionals who operate these MRI units are called MRI technologists and are normally trained in radiography with advanced certification gained through MRI tech programs which include approved learning and clinical MR [...]

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